Textile Manufacturing in Peru.

All though it was the gold who got almost the total attention of the Conquistadores, Peruvian soil had a lot more cultural resources to offer, one of them is the textile variety that this people managed to develop and that remains alive and useful to these days in which we live.

It might not be largely known, but it is a true fact that this South American country has the longest continuous history of textile traditions and activities of all around the world, this is so that we may find evidence from 10,000 years ago to prove it. This also mean that, as mankind tried to develop agriculture, it also experimented with the results of it, like vegetable and animal fibers, in order to find those that were of some use to their purposes.

tela inca

Peruvian people has developed rudimentary weaving into a complex an precious art, as they are able to create sumptuous fabrics that are now popular in all the world in the current times, and from all their expressions the more beautiful are those inspired by tradition. Their traditional pattern catalog include drawings that are motivated by the nature like the sun, the rivers , the stars, the flowers, the lakes, the mountains among other symbols that may be seen in the day to day Peruvian traditional life like the llamas, the dogs, the ducks and the majestic Andean Condor.

The traditional textile expressions from Peru honor the Pachamama and express total thankfulness for all what Mother Earth has given to the mankind.

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