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T-shirts are clothing items that had come out to be so popular that are currently mass produced by the textile industry, as they are in fact highly wearable for people of all ages and all social stages; either if they employ them as actual garments or just as underwear. Nowadays, T-shirts can be also preordered and customized until fitting the most intricate designs proposed for a client. With a great variety of colors, lengths, shapes and printing methods, the T-shirt appears to be the ultimate clothing item in which deals with endurance and wearabylity, therefore they are a mandatory product within every human wardrobe.

T shirts are commonly made of cotton, polyester, a blend of them or other stretching fabrics, nonetheless, the ones made out of 100% cotton fabrics are the most popular among the modern public. The manufacturer also prefer to use this raw material because it comes naturally in white or shades of white that are easy to dye and that perfectly retain the color after the process, therefore, manufacturers can also experiment with several printing choices like screen prints and heat transfers, which allow them to bring a great amount of different t-shirts with a great variety of colors and design, thought to please every fashion requirement. If you are looking some of these you can find them in…


Being this so, the cotton has been positioned as the best textile material not only because of its physical characteristics, but also because of its low price of production, along with its malleable characteristics that make it valuable to those creative designers that want to try a new trend without risking the entire amount of its capital fund.

Cut them, sew them, print them, dye them, paint them and wear them, as it really looks, T-shirts will not be set out of fashion in any time soon, instead of this, they are also evolving to please all of us.


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